Joel Corry Live every Friday Night

We are please to announce that this summmer, superstar Joel Corry will be our resident DJ each and every Friday from 16th June 2017.
Tickets are limited and are sure to sell out fast so click on the picture above or click
here to get your tickets before they sellout
VIP Reservations
Are you looking to do something different during the summer? Are you a confident, outgoing and crazy type of person?  Do you have what it takes to work for the biggest and best club in Zante? If so then send us an email telling all about yourself and include some pictures of yourself CLICK HERE

Rescue Club Zante has recently under gone a massive revamp ready for the coming summer and the madness that comes with it.
State of the art sound system, lighting system and special effects has been installed to bring you an experience never before seen or heard in Zante.
Summer 2017 promises to be the biggest and the best so far in the history of Zante and with this we here at Rescue Club are going to give you the biggest and the best parties throughout the week and every week.
The original, The biggest and The best Paint Party held twice a week, every Wednesday and Friday.
Zante Live is back again for another star studded event through the summer with likes of Lethal Bizzle, Wretch 32, Charlie Sloth, Joel Correy and many more every week.
Glow Party, the brightest night of the week where everyone gets painted up with U.V. face paint and glows all night long under the U.V. lights while dancing the night away.
New for Summer 2017 is Fantasia. This is going to be the biggest and the craziest party of the week. CO2 jets, confetti by the bucket load, different themes each event and non stop partying all night long....

VIP Reservations are available throughout the summer either in the VIP Lounge Bar on the outside upstairs terrance or within the VIP area inside the main arena of Rescue Club.
There is a full waitress service to look after you and your party during your stay at Rescue Club
There is a minimum spend for this service and is payable on the night. We accept all forms of cash & card payment.
About Rescue Club
Summer Events
Rescue Club is undoubtedly the Biggest club & best club in Zante, there is no other club that comes close in size or with the reputation that Rescue Club has.
Rescue Club is the only club in Zante to hold more than 2000 people. Where we lead, others can only try to follow. With 3 massive arenas, 6 bars, from the VIP open air lounge terrace bar, to the bright and fun driven party cocktail bar downstairs outside to the massive main arena inside, Rescue Club is definitely the only super club in Laganas, Zante.
Rescue Club every year has only grown from strength to strength, continuing to improve to new heights year in year out. We were the first club to bring over to Zante, world famous DJ's & artist to perform live for the tourist industry, the legendry screaming orgasm and the first club in Zante to bring to you the much copied firestarter display. We were the first club to bring over the crazy Paint Party to Greece which is now in most of the Greek resorts for youth......need we say any more....

Summer of Fun

Glow Party

Zante Live

Paint Party

Joel Corry Live

Atom Bomb

Raki Nights

Saturday Night Live

  1. Every Monday Night Glow Party Night
  2. Zante Live every Tuesday Night
    Tuesday 6th June MC IBZ & DJ Ironik Live on stage. Tuesday 13th June Artful Dodger Live on Stage.
  3. Every Wednesday Night Paint Party
    Paint Party Zante Tickets available now
  4. Every Thursday Atom Bomb Night
    All bombs 2 4 5€ all night
  5. Joel Corry DJ
    Joel Corry DJing live every Friday night This one is a Guaranteed sellout. Get your tickets here
  6. Saturday Night Live every week
  7. Raki Nights every Sunday
    Tonight we drink RAKI!!!! Want a free shot??? Then this is what you'll get....
  1. Paint Party 2016
    Paint Party 2016
    The biggest and the messiest party of them all
  2. DJ Luck & MC Neat
    DJ Luck & MC Neat
    Zante Live every Tuesday @ Rescue CLub
  3. Hello Girls
    Hello Girls
    Some of the staff of Rescue Club showing their love for each other
  4. Hello there
    Hello there
    Some of our sexy bar staff
  5. Rear View
    Rear View
    Looks like the hulk as been around again
  6. Dench
    Lethal Bizzle live for Zante Live every Tuesday
  7. Kiss dat ass
    Kiss dat ass
    Talk about kissing ass
  8. We Love Jager
    We Love Jager
    Say no more...... Jager RULES!!!!!!
  9. Charlie Sloth
    Charlie Sloth
    Charlie Sloth on Zante Live Every Tuesday
  10. MESSY
    This what you can look like after our Paint Party
  11. Boy wonder
    Boy wonder
    Fiya and Timos
  12. Really
    The look on his face!!!
  13. Whos said you don't like pink!!!!
    Whos said you don't like pink!!!!
    Look at me..... I'm a pink lover!!!!
  14. FIRE!!!!
    Firing paint from one of the many cannons....
  15. Hanging
    Just hanging around on Zante Live
  16. I Luv Zante
    I Luv Zante
    Not only loving Rescue Club but loving Zante Too
  17. Loving Life
    Loving Life
    Our Stevie is always happy to see you
  18. You've got a Problem
    You've got a Problem
    Glow Party every Monday Night... Come and get your face painted
Let’s Socialize
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